2019 puppies arriving soon!

Soon our home will be filled with new life. Lena is showing and has become ravenous - it’s always exciting to anticipate how many and what they will look like. This will be her final litter and we know she will do well - she has been such a good mom in the past and we are just her support team. Please contact us if you are interested in one of her babies!

And then there was Sven

Today our precious Maple left to begin her life with Anabel and her family.  It seems appropriate that she was the last to go since she was the first chosen, and was just a dream for Anabel since Christmas 2015.  I can't imagine waiting that long for a puppy!  

Lena did so well as a mother and I think having Sven will help her cope with the loss of her children.  Now we begin the housebreaking and all the fun of raising a puppy - we will need to try and remember it all over again.  

Thanks again to the wonderful families of the 2016 Double Doodle pups - please post lots of pictures and video of your furry family member as they grow up! 

2016 puppies have arrived!

It all started happening late on 7-1 and continued through the early hours of 7-2.  When everything was done Lena had delivered nine beautiful double doodles!  Now they are nursing madly and growing by the minute.  Their dewclaws have been removed and they have their color ID collars.

The whole birthing process is amazing!  Major kudos to Lena - she is very protective and keeps a wary eye on Ole who is very curious about his puppies.  Some old friends stopped by yesterday with their family - it was a bit overwhelming for Lena, who went into her Cujo mode.  


Two Weeks until the 2016 Puppies!

We are so excited that Lena is getting close to her due date.  She is larger than last year when she was with puppies (or our memories are bad).  She was just wormed and is a very hungry girl - she still is quite the hunter; tracking rabbits, grouse and protecting the property from deer.  We are getting the house ready for her puppies (stocking up on paper towels and spray cleaners) as well as setting up her birthing area and eventual indoor enclosure. Last year the puppies added so much life and fun to our normally quiet home, so we are looking forward to that experience all over again.  Stay tuned!

Thanks to all the wonderful owners!

Many thanks for the owners of the 2015 Double Doodle puppies.  They are all nine months old now - all grown up and well adjusted in their families.  You have all been so kind to provide photos and feedback of your doodles.  They have grown into a diverse group of dogs - one looks like a lab, another looks like a golden, one looks just like her dad, one looks like a poodle,  a few look like combinations of their parents...and then there is a special girl who looks like no other.  Please keep sharing and we will keep posting!

Enjoying the puppy images!

As somewhat obsessive grandparents we are loving seeing the owner's images of their fast growing puppies.  It's interesting to see the different coats and personalities of the puppies.  We have even Skyped with one family - Ole was very interested in the puppy; Lena less so - she doesn't care for video, preferring looking out the window at birds, squirrels, deer etc.  Anyway keep them coming, as it will save you filing a restraining order against us for stalking...

Flora the explorer

It's awesome to have Florence (Flora) for a couple of weeks until she meets her new owners!  She has been spending this past week or so at my family farm learning about horses, other dogs, deer and even took her first swim.  She is being spoiled and has taken to sleeping on a pillow next to me - can't believe she can tolerate my snoring!  She weighed in at 12.7 lbs. at nine weeks so she is growing fast and may not fit under the seat on her airplane trip home...