Asian Tempest (Seoul Sister)

A South Korean fireball!  When eaten raw this early Asiatic-type will rock your world with an intense heat which will eventually dissipate to pure garlic flavor.  When cooked, it mellows to a delicious sweet, spicy goodness adding some umami flavor - especially when cooked with mushrooms.  This exceptional garlic can be grown throughout the USA and stores well.  Available 9-1-19



Originated from the mountains of the same name in Southwest Poland.  This rocambole-type garlic produces large, squat heads with an earthy, tangy garlic flavor.  Rocamboles are excellent garlics for all-around cooking possessing a rich, sweet flavor – this one is among the best.  Grows well throughout the USA with the coldest regions yielding the largest heads.  Available 9-1-19



Originated from Colorado from a late dear friend of mine.  A rocambole that is of exceptional quality.  Large heads average four huge cloves that are easy to peel and have a well-balanced garlic flavor.  When I need a lot of garlic fast – I turn to this beauty.  Easy to grow – handles weed competition well and is hardy.  Grown for over twenty years for my family and now available for sale.  Available 9-1-19

German Extra Hardy

A porcelain variety that produces large white heads with 4-6 fat, easy to peel cloves.  A great all-purpose garlic with a strong robust flavor.  Hardy, easy to grow, and stores well, this variety is well suited for all parts of the USA.  Available 9-1-19

Metechi (Great Balls of Fire)

A wonderful marbled purple stripe garlic from the Georgian region of Russia. A strong grower in all climates. Fiery hot when eaten raw, it roasts exceptionally well and hold it’s great garlic flavor when cooked. Large bulbs have 5-7 fat cloves that are easy to peel. This variety stores well and is truly one of the world’s best garlics. Available 9-1-19

Montana Giant

Originated in the Flathead region of Montana.  This large porcelain garlic has performed exceptionally in our cold weather climate. Its has an initial rich, spicy flavor that mellows. The large to huge heads have 4-6 cloves that provide ample garlic with little effort for your favorite dish. When cooked it has a fairly mild flavor with little bitterness. This strong grower competes well with weeds, produces lovely scapes and stores well after proper curing.  Available 9-1-19

Persian Star

This purple stripe garlic originated in Uzbekistan, a central Asian Islamic republic that was once part of the USSR. The outer bulb wrapper is smooth white, but the inner wrappers are purple streaked. Has a mild pleasant flavor with a bit of spice. Small heads contain 6-9 cloves. Available 9-1-19


Rosewood is a porcelain garlic introduced to North America in 1984 and originated from the Moldavian Institue for Vegetable Research in Tirasopol, Moldova. Very hot when eaten raw, it retains a spicy garlic flavor when cooked. The small heads contain 6-9 plump cloves. Available 9-1-19


Russian Inferno

A beautiful marbled purple stripe garlic.  It has a strong flavor when eaten raw and retains a sweet garlic flavor when cooked.  Each medium-sized head produces 6-8 fat cloves.  Hardy and stores well.  Suitable for growing throughout the Available 9-1-19

Russian Red

A recent addition to our garden from a long ago acquaintance who has been growing this garlic for 40+ years. She originally grew it in New Hampshire and then brought it to Colorado where she grows it on the front range. This marbled purple stripe garlic was brought to British Columbia by Russian immigrants in the early 1900’s. The easy to peel heads have 6-8 cloves and possess a rich, complex flavor. Available 9-1-19


A turban garlic from the originating from the Shandong region of China.  Fiery when eaten raw, it retains it’s rich flavor when cooked.  A friend of mine, who is a gourmet cook, rates this variety as his favorite for cooking.  Medium heads with 6-8 fat cloves.  Another hardy variety that grows well throughout the USA.  Available 9-1-19

 Mix n Match

Choose from 1 to 4 of any variety for a total of 2 lbs. Available 9-1-19


We ship our garlic in a padded USPS Priority flat-rate envelope which usually ships to all USA locations within three days.  We can ship 2 lbs. maximum in one of these envelopes.  Local pickup available.  Message us if you are interested in larger quantities or if you have any other questions.  Please note that much of the commercial garlic at supermarkets is imported and bleached!  We attempt to leave as much outer wrapper on the garlic heads as possible when hand-cleaning our garlic.  This gives longer shelf life at the expense of cosmetics.