Doodles Forever

Doodles Forever is a family run Double Doodle breeder located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  We are the loving owners of Ole, a handsome male Labradoodle and Lena, a cute female Goldendoodle. They are both half Standard Poodle with the other half being Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever respectively.  Ole is 65 lbs., and considered a standard F1 Labradoodle while Lena is a medium-sized F1 Goldendoodle at 50 lbs.  Both are healthy, calm, smart and well adjusted dogs.  Ole has strong retrieving instincts while Lena has an excellent nose, and has proven to be a terrific bird dog.  Both act as therapy/comfort dogs at an area nursing home where they provide a calming influence and lift the spirits of those who are down and lonely. 

Double Doodles

Also know as the North American Retrievers.  The Double Doodle is a beautiful dog that makes a very friendly, intelligent, fun pet by combining the best of two worlds; the Goldendoodle and the Labradoodle.  Our Double Doodles make great family pets and therapy dogs - their calm temperaments makes them great around kids and other pets.  Our Double Doodles are 50% Standard Poodle, and 25% each Labrador and Golden Retriever.  Being an offspring of quality, genetically diverse parents; they will be healthier and live longer than many purebred lines.  When our Double Doodles puppies grow up, they will have adult coats varying from flat (lab-like), wavy to curly (poodle-like).  The flat to wavy-coated Double Doodles have a higher potential of shedding with the curly-coated ones the least likely to shed. Please be aware that the Double Doodle breed require regular grooming - especially the curly-coated dogs!   Routine brushing and clipping is a necessity to avoid matting and sores. Grooming will make your dog happier, healthier and better looking - begin grooming when they are puppies so they become accustomed to the routine. 


All  puppies are raised in our home where they receive our full-time attention.  They are exposed to all the sights and sounds of our home, and also spend time at an area nursing home and our nearby farm.  In this way, they arrive in your home as a well adjusted member of your family.  They will have their necessary shots, be wormed and have their dew claws removed before leaving our premises at seven to eight weeks.